Chief Minister Of Karnataka

Sri H D Kumaraswamy
Hon'ble Chief Minister Of Karnataka

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Sri B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan
Hon'ble Minister for Minority Welfare, Wakf and Haj Department

About Commission

The Karnataka State Minorities Commission was constituted by the Government in its Order No. DPAR 01 LMR 83 Dated, 09thMay1983, in order to preserve secular traditions, promote National Integration, undertake effective enforcement and implementation of all the safeguards provided for the Minorities in the Constitution and in the Central and State laws and also to evolve State policies and schemes in this regard. The Commission thus constituted was vested with powers under The Commissions of Inquiry Act 1952. By Karnataka Act No. 31 of 1994 (first published in the Karnataka Gazette Extraordinary dated 3rd October, 1994) statutory status was conferred on the Commission. Thereafter depending on the requirement and necessity, The Karnataka State Minorities Commission Act was amended and the most important amendment was by Karnataka Act 13 of 2016 which conferred Powers of Civil Court to the Commission. Accordingly rules were published in the Gazette dated 10th October, 2000 in Notification No: DPAR 19 LMR 95 and an amendment under Notification No. MWD 229 LML 216, dated: 10th July, 2017.

The Karnataka State Minorities Commission consist of Chairman and Eight other Members nominated by the government. The Secretary is the Chief Executive of the Commission.

Mr.Naseer Ahmed, Former Minister is the Chairman appointed vide notification no. MWD 54 lMR 2016, DT; 02.11.2016.

Dr. R. Abdul Hameed, Mr. Rafi Bhandari, Mr.  Mahmood Patel, Mr. K. Mahender Jain, Mr. Adil Suleman Sait, Mr. Marcel Moteiro, Mr. Baljeet Singh and Dr. Matilda D'souza are the nominated members.

Mr. S. Anees Siraj is the Secretary and Chief Executive of the COmmission.

The Following communities are declared as "Minority Communities" by the Government of Karnataka under Section 2 (d) of the Karnataka State Minorities Commission Act, 1994

1) Muslims
2) Christians
3) Jains
4) Buddhists
5) Sikhs
6) Zorastrians (Parsis)

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